Arboriculture as a fundamental technique for managing urban green spaces

The ArborTech project enables workers to acquire basic knowledge and essential skills on:

adequate soil tillage and watering

use of appropriate tree supports

proper identification of diseases and pests

proper pruning without unnecessary physical damage

proper planting and maintenance techniques

knowledge of tree species and their characteristics

proper removal of invasive plant species that inhibit tree growth

planting trees at the correct planting depth and in a suitable soil structure with drainage

the project

ArborTech aims at assuring professional approach to described demand of urban greenery through the adequate VET program to ensure basic arboriculture knowledge, skills and competences to students, teachers and individuals delivering services in urban areas.

Project provides a professional approach to requirements of urban green infrastructure through vocational education and training of students – “Arboriculture for Gardeners” and the creation of a virtual educational platform of a dendrological laboratory. The promotion of arboriculture in urban areas is of the utmost importance.


1. National and summary reports on state of VET for arborists
2. Dendrology laboratory - physical and virtual
3. Curriculum ‘Arboriculture for Gardeners’ - Blended VET program for students
4. Arboriculture for Gardeners: Blended learning program contents and associated training materials
5. Arboriculture for Gardeners: Educational platform for blended learning
6. Arboriculture for Gardeners: Guidelines for employers for inclusion of people with mild disabilities in arboriculture


Biotehniski center Naklo

Biotechnical Centre Naklo (BCNaklo) is recognized as a high quality educational, research and development institution, devoted to concern for nature, healthy food production and processing and landscape management in cooperation with the enterprise sector. BC Naklo is a centre of Secondary School, Vocational College with Research Unit and Inter-Enterprise Educational Centre.

Gospodarska škola Čakovec

Gospodarska škola is a secondary vocational school. School has more than 370 students aged 15-18, divided into 25 classes, and about 80 employees, out of which 70 are teachers that cover many programs, primarily in the field of agriculture, transport, personal services, and textile.

Stredna odborna skola Pruske

The Secondary Vocational School in Pruské is a part of the natural and landscape area, which owns dominant English park and the Podhradský brook. The park is external part of the school area, it provides plenty of greenery and space not only for practical teaching but also for relaxation of our students and public.

On Projects

On Projects Advising SL is a consulting company, specialized in project management of European grants and offering training on European funding programs and projects. On Projects supports companies, organizations, and all kinds of institutions, both public and private, in the process of obtaining and managing grants.

Arboretum Volčji Potok

Arboretum Volčji Potok Arboretum is the most frequently visited horticultural facility in Slovenia. About 300,000 visitors come to Volčji Potok Arboretum each year. It is a monument to both nature and cultural heritage, situated only a 24-km drive from the centre of Ljubljana.